BRYFC operates two Church based re-primary bible schools which presently have a total of 230 children.

BRYFC Book Presentation January 2014

Each year we distribute books to the children. The children’s parents are very poor so they can’t provide books for their children. We supported all the children in our schools with free text books with the helping hand of Barnabas Fund UK. 

 As mos of us know 08th of March was International Women’s Day. BRYFC arranged two programs in different places in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a very poor country and in Bangladesh women’s are always neglected by men & society. They do not have not much right in their family & society; they have no choice, decision, and opinion either. In Bangladesh we need to establish an equal society. We also need to remove this darkness from the society. For this reason BRYFC is working for women’s & lots of women awareness programs which we arrange every year.

This year we arranged Inter-church based two programs on the International Women’s Day in two different places with a total participant of 122. The speakers spoke about women’s right, equal society, justice, women’s empowerment etc in the both programs. For more photos of this event on Facebook click here!

LogoOur latest three monthly report is available from the BRYFC Office or via download, containing details of the ministry of BRYFC from January to March 2014.   We value your prayers and financial support for this valuable ministry.   


BRYFC Report (April-2014)

Barisal Committee

Every region we have Regional committee. Barisal youth committee is one of them. The Barisal Youth Committee renew on 04-04-2014. The Committee have 09th member. The committee members are comes from different churches in Barisal it is an inter-Church based committee. We were seat at Askor Baptist Church Sectary office. Mr. Subash Samaddar is president of the Barisal committee.

Visit: Amgram Baptist Fellowship Pre-Primary School, Rajoir, Madaripur. Date: 06/01/2014. School books are distribute to the Children by the visitors.

West Kaligram Baptist Church is a big Church belonging to the Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha (Union).   Thanks to financial support and encouragement from BRYFC, the church, which previously met in a tin hut, now has a lovely new brick church building.

The Opening ceremony for the new church building was held on 16th March 2012 with six hundred people in attendance and was opened by Mr. Jayanta Adhakari (BBCS President).

The foundation stone was laid by Mr. Peter Sarkar (BRYFC Founder Director) and Mr. Jayanta Adhakari (BBCS President) in 2010.