BRYFC is working in Bangladesh to help the porest and needy people specially christian that are isolated and marginalized by other. We tried to present a lot of information and life style quality about Bangladeshi people to the people in UK by this event! We raised some money through this curry event where 50 people joined us as wanted to know the life of Bangladeshi people which took place at Bratton Baptist Church, Wiltshire, UK. All the money that were raised by this event were sent to Bangladesh Rural Youth Fellowship center to serve the poor people of Bangladesh. To see more information and photos of this event on our Facebook page click here!

BRYFC organizes many Leadership programs every year. Our target is to makegood leaders to work in the Church & society. This leadership program has already changed some leaders in Bangladesh. Already they developed their church & society. We want to give thanks to God & everyone that prayed for us too. Your prayers helpd us to organized Regional Youth Leadership Training Conference which took place on 23-03-2014 to 26-03-2014 at BRYFC Projects office, Amgram, Rajoir, Madaripur, Bangladesh. Total 46 youths joined with us from different places & Churches. Actually it was an Inter-Church based Leadership Training Conference. The participants learned how they can involve with Church activities, how we can develop our Christian society, Leadership in Church, Goal seating, Stewardship etc. For more photos on Facebook of this event click here!

BRYFC operates two church based pre-primary school. From the beginning we arrange the children art fair at the school every year. This year we arranged another Children Art Fair which took place on 21-03-2014, at both Amgram & Nabagram school. The children made doll, ox, bird, house etc hand made crafts and soil made objects. Also they were taught how to draw pictures. By the end of the day they drew and painted flowers, river, trees, house etc. In this day they had lots of fun & Joy. We look forward to do this fun event for the children every year! For more photos of these amazing handcrafts please click here!

BRYFC works in 11 different region all over Bangladesh. This year we already organized Khulna regional Youth Conference 2014 which had a total participant of 132. There was lots of indoors and outside fun activities as well. The title of this conference was "Move the Christ"The speakers spoke about Jesus being our best friend and moving into Christ. BRYFC Khulna regional Committee also renewed this day. To see more photos on facebook click here!

14th February-2014: Every year we BRYFC arranges Sunday school seminar for children from different villages and churches. This year we arrange Sunday school program at Buruabari Baptist Church, Kotalipara, Gopalganj, Bangladesh. Total Participants were 83. The children came from different Churches across the district. The pastor taught them about Jesus and the Bible. The children were singing, sharing testimonies, praying, listening Bible stories. All the day they hah a great joy & learned lots of new stores of Jesus from the Bible. For more pictures on our Facebook Page click here!

One of our friend visited us in Bangladesh from UK, named Rev. Stephen Potter, Oasis Church, UK. Visit Date: 27 February to 31st

february-2014.  He visited our schools, toured the area and spent time with us at our BRYFC offices.   He spoke with and prayed for the children in both Schools.