BRYFC just over came the national youth leadership conference-2014, 14th and 15th in August at Santikutir Mission Compound, Kotaliprara, Gopalgonj. We give thanks to God for this great event that we completed successfully. The Theme of the conference was “Jesus Is the Answer”.

It was a great leadership event for the youngstars/leaders. Total of 96 Christian youths/leaders joined us for this program from five different districts in Bangladesh. They came from Dhaka , Khulna, Barisal, Madaripur and Gopalgong.

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The Main Speaker Rev. Ronald Dilip Sarkar taught the participants about how Jesus is the answer in their life. Also he led the night Revival Meeting. We had 4 different group and different dorms. Mr. Andrew Khokon, Mr. Badal Roy and Mr. Dipok Roy were in charge of this conference. They were talking about BRYFC’s Past history, Present Activities & Future Plans. After the group discussion, all the youths participates in an exam, and answered some question about their goals and responsibilities in their life. They all did well. They have great vision for God. Some of them are very keen to start Bible Study Group, Some of them wanted to be evangelist, pastor etc. They also joined 2 competitions (Bible verse searching, Swimming) in the conference. The BRYFC Chairman Gilbert Binimoy Sarkar was speaking about Christianity in the conference. He sheared to the participants about his life history & how he became a leader in Christ. The Harvesters Worship Group lead the worship in the conference. Overall there were a lot of games and fun activities in this conference with the main theme about christianity spreading outside the community and how the young christians can be a christian leader and share their faith about Jesus Christ and how almighty, mercyfull and al loving everlasting king he is! Please continue pray for BRYFC in your daily prayers. We have announced another program “National Youth Evangelism Conference-2014” in next October.Also if you or your church want’s to contribute by visiting us or financialy for the National events Please contacts us at BRYFC.ORG.UK or follow us on facebook! For the Digital free Magazine please click here :